Approach & Philosophy

Our Clients Come First.

Our first and most important value is our commitment to our clients. We work tirelessly to help those who have been wronged, who have been injured, or who have lost loved ones move on with their lives in the best possible way by achieving the best possible results.

Focus on What Matters.

Financial stability and medical care are often our clients’ top priorities. They are also ours. Therefore, our clients’ financial compensation and medical care are the metrics we use to set our goals and measure our success. The actions that we take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis are purposefully designed with those goals in mind.

Outwork the Other Side.

Our tireless efforts reap tremendous results for our clients. When the other side calls it a day, we are working, planning and taking steps to win for our clients. We know that is the best way to win. Period.

Be Ready to Try Every Case.

While the vast majority of cases are settled rather than tried to a jury, the threat of a jury trial is the single-greatest motivator of a fair settlement. Often, insurance companies and decision-makers for corporate defendants simply do not want to take the risk of trial.  We are not afraid to take a case to trial, and we prepare every case with the expectation that it will reach a jury. We will put in the time and resources to show the other side that we insist upon full and fair compensation for our clients’ damages. For anything less than a fair settlement, we will be ready to try our client’s case.