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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accident cases are often subject to unique challenges. To begin with, many drivers, especially in Texas, have misunderstandings about the law concerning bicyclists. For example, many drivers (and bicyclists) believe that it is–without a doubt–illegal for bicyclists to travel on the sidewalk. However, there is no provision of the Texas Transportation Code requiring that bicycles travel on the roadway. Fortunately, the Texas Department of Transportation recognizes that there is no state law prohibiting bicycles from traveling on the sidewalk. Although, individual towns and cities may have their own restrictions on sidewalk bicycling.

Additionally, accidents involving bicyclists often involve serious injuries, which may require expert medical testimony and involve a lengthy period of recovery. The lawyers at Armstrong & Lee LLP understand the unique challenges that bicycle accidents pose in court. Our lawyers have successfully litigated and tried bicycle accident cases to a jury. Contact us today for your initial consultation. We only take a fee if you win your case.

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