Burn Injury

Burn Injuries

Approximately 3,800 people die each year from accidental burns. Many thousands more survive their injuries and are left with permanent impairment and scarring. Burn victims undergo a unique suffering that cannot easily be understood by people who have not been seriously burned — like most members of a jury. As a result, one of the most challenging aspects of representing a burn victim is fully and adequately conveying the intensity and depth of suffering that accompanies serious burns. The lawyers at Armstrong & Lee LLP take the necessary time to understand each client’s individual experiences and difficulties in order to present a full measure of damages to the jury.

Determining fault also presents issues in serious burn cases. Oftentimes, the defense will argue that the injured person is responsible for their burns or that someone else is responsible. Skilled personal injury attorneys have an understanding of how to prove responsibility for burn injuries and prove the extent of damages. Contact Armstrong Lee LLP today for your free consultation.