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Premises Liability

Premises liability claims, where a someone is injured due to a dangerous condition on another person’s or company’s property, are some of the most legally complex and difficult cases in Texas. Different legal standards apply based on whether the responsible party is the owner of the property, whether the injured person is a contractor, the reason for why the injured person was on the property, whether there were any warnings of the dangerous condition, and whether the owner had knowledge of the danger.

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Insurance companies will often tell injured people that the law is against them and there is no way for them to recover. Oftentimes this is not true. Never trust an insurance company, even your own, to perform the necessary investigation into your claim. Our attorneys will ask the necessary questions to determine whether you have a strong claim. Contact us and we can start the investigation of your case today. You never pay attorneys’ fees unless we win.

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The laws governing injures at someone else’s property are complex. They include both statutory law and common law. The Texas legislature and Texas Supreme Court have taken steps to limit the injured person’s ability to recover for injuries caused by the negligence of others. The deck is already stacked against the injured person. The the injured person is up against a system designed to limit or eliminate recovery. At Armstrong & Lee LLP, we help you even the playing field. Our attorneys have experience handling complex injury cases of the greatest severity at all stages of litigation. We have successfully defeated attempts to have these types of cases thrown out of court, and we have successfully tried these types of cases to a jury. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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